Message from Prof Ajay Kumar Sood
Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India & President, SETS
SETS Products


  • Vision Statement
    1. To be a premier R&D organization in the area of Information Security

  • Mission Statement

    1. Carry out Directed Basic Research and develop Tools and Techniques in the area of Cryptology and Secure Protocols.
    2. Provide a Platform for translating basic research into Prototypes for data security and analysis.
    3. Act as a bridge between Academia and Government organizations for collaborative R&D towards Product development.
    4. Provide Consultancy Services and Training on Cyber Security matters for Business, Government and Critical Infrastructure Sectors.

  • Motto
      Strategy and Synergy for Security
SETS organized a one day webinar on 'Post Quantum Cryptography' which was held on 29th March, 2022 as part of the MeitY project on PQC
SETS in association with ACM Chennai Professional Chapter and IEEE Computer Society Madras Chapter organized a one-day webinar on 'Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security' on 10th February, 2022
SETS in association with ERNET and C-DAC organized a webinar on Quantum Networks: Realities and Opportunities on 2nd December 2021
A three-day training on Parallel Programming: "Think Parallel - for Engineers and Scientists" conducted by C-DAC, Bangalore for SETS personnel during 24th - 26th November 2021
SETS conducted a two-week training programme on ' FPGA Implementation of Post-Processing for QKD' between 30th August - 9th September, 2021 for the post-graduate students of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune during which Prof G Raghavan, DIAT delivered the Key Note Address
Cyber Security Education and Awareness Drive (SEAD) of SETS conducted a Cyber Security Awareness Programme for the faculty of Atomic Energy Central School on 2nd and 3rd September 2021
SETS celebrated 'World IPV6 Day' by organizing a webinar on 'Cyber Ecosystem Changes for Future Internet' on 08 June 2021
SETS celebrated 'National Technology Day - 2021'. Ms Lakshmi Eswari, Head and Senior Director, C-DAC, Hyderabad delivered a talk on 'R&D to Field: Case study in Cyber Security'
Mr. Kunal Abhishek has given an Invited Talk on "Encipherment using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)" in a Training Programme titled "Cyber Security Essentials for Government Officials" organized by C-DAC on 7th May 2021
SETS organized a webinar on 'Cyber Leadership of CISO: Need of the Hour' on 07 April 2021
SETS organized a webinar on 'Unified Threat Management: Enterprise Level Security (A Practical Approach)' on 22 March 2021
SETS organized a talk on 'Introduction to Cryptography' on 16 March 2021
SETS conducted a webinar on 'Deep Learning for Cyber Security' on 05 February 2021
SETS conducted a webinar on 'Trends in Hardware Security' on 22 October 2020
SETS conducted a Webinar on 'Quantum Communication' on 19 September 2020

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